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Woodward Canyon Winery

Woodward Canyon Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon

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First Washington wine to be in Wine Spectator’s Top 10 (1987 vintage)

First Vintage: 1981 Total 90+ Scores: 45

The Old Vines Cabernet originally began as the Dedication Series with the start of the winery in 1981. For the first twenty-five years, the label featured a different pioneer of the Walla Walla Valley each year. Subsequently, it has featured A. P. Woodward, who Woodward Canyon is named after. The wine is sourced primarily from Champoux and Sagemoor Vineyards, which are home to some of the oldest cabernet blocks in Washington. This is a heavier-bodied cabernet and will typically age well with proper cellar conditions, 15+ years from vintage. To read about the Dedication Series biographies, click HERE for a PDF detailing this historical series.